Feeling pretty lucky today. Call it providence, fate or just making it happen but I have arrived at a point in my journey where I get to work with some extraordinary people. These people are smart, driven and they tick all the ‘credibility’ boxes, but what makes these people exceptional is that their modus operandi is built upon a foundation of passion and purpose.

I speak a lot about purpose in my articles, and the reason behind that is because I crave self-fulfilment. Some of us crave big houses, big cars and great jobs. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you haven’t lost your heartbeat. Personally I feel, that my heartbeat needs a clear simpatico between passion and purpose, or nothing else seems relevant.

Purpose is such an interesting ‘concept’ as it creates a filter in one’s life. It enables you to get clarity on your path and make conscious decisions accordingly. It asks you to question, what would truly make you happy? What could or would be a dream come true? What could I gift to the world?

Passion is the gift of purpose. Through understanding our purpose, and taking action, we also create and experience love. This passion comes from ‘knowing’ and ‘living’ your gift. It is the freedom found in living with authenticity.

I love exploring the subject of purpose because it is genuinely a life changer for people. That said, over the last few years talking to friends about this topic I have found that it can also be over whelming to ask ‘Why do I exist, and what is my gift?’

With that in mind, I have listed below four keys I have observed in what I call the ‘purpose process’. I hope that these tips help you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, in order to uncover your ‘why’ and experience the passion of living a life of meaning and knowing that it is you that can change the world.



You might not be clear about what your purpose is here on planet earth, so why not jump on someone else’s boat to learn the ropes. Over the years I have worked with or been involved with some incredible profit and not for profit organisations genuinely changing the world. At that stage I had no idea what my unique gift to the world was, but it didn’t matter because I was so inspired by the people around me. That inspiration made me hungry for more, and hunger will eventually lead you to your ‘purpose path’.

What’s happening in your community that would inspire you to take action?


On purpose people will generally have experienced one of two things. They have either been deeply moved or inspired to act from experiencing or witnessing someone else’s pain, or have experienced tragedy or trauma themselves. Think about what this means for you.

I know in my case, on my journey to finding purpose I spent a year working at The Ted Noffs Foundation. The reason I took this job was because I had lost a family member from a drug overdose, and I genuinely felt that by helping teenagers with drug issues, that I may also be able honour that persons memory, and legacy. This became a crucial step in awakening my own purpose and gift.

For others they may not have a personal story of their own, but have been inspired to act, as a result of something else painful. This may be a friends journey, a family member, or maybe they have visited a disadvantaged community whilst travelling. It could be as simple as reading a book. Whatever the story, purpose and passion are often born in pain. It is from there we are inspired to take action and create change.


Whilst its important to have supportive and amazing people around you in bringing your purpose to life, the discovery of that purpose will be unique. Most of us know on some level what our purpose is, but may repress it because we want to feel ‘safe’ with family and friends, ‘safe’ in our job, or ‘safe’ within constructs or ideas that have been proven already.

Purpose doesn’t care so much about being safe. Purpose wants you to be the greatest version of you….and yes. You are very different. Purpose asks you to stand out from the tribe, in order to align with your mission.


The most important part of the ‘purpose process’, is practising self-acceptance and self-love. We all have an inner voice full of fears and insecurities, and we desire feeling safe. When we are stepping out with new ideas or new ways of seeing the world we will face resistance – from others and ourselves. Learning to accept that you are different, and accepting all parts of who you are, will allow you to open up to your greatness. What is different about you is also the foundation for your success, and the resistance is the gravity that will keep pulling you back…..to your calling.

Listen for that voice….

Keep Shining! Becs x