Steph Lorenzo. Some of you know her name, and for those of you who don’t, now is the time to be inspired by one of the brightest stars to have graced planet earth…and she landed here with an epic mission.

I have vivid memories of meeting the pocket-sized powerhouse behind PROJECT FUTURES in the later half of 2013. I was actually nervous, as I was in awe of anyone who had the guts to back themselves with not only a start-up at the age of 22, but a not for profit tasked with a challenge bigger than most of us could begin to comprehend in our daily lives. I am not really sure what I expected, but as soon as Steph entered the room it was obvious why people fall in love with this supernova. I have never seen a smile with the capacity to up lift the hearts of millions….and that is exactly what Steph does every single day.


What I found extraordinary about this bright spark, was that with all that light, she was fighting one of the darkest crimes in human history. For those of you who haven’t heard of Project Futures, this ‘on-fire’ not for profit organisation works tirelessly to stop global human trafficking and slavery. Believe it or not, trafficking is the second largest organised crime in the world, and is bigger business than drug trafficking.

As you can imagine Steph, doesn’t have much spare time available in her world-changing schedule, so I was super excited that she agreed to spend a few minutes ‘dancing in star-dust’ and answering a few quick questions about her own life and the work of Project Futures.

As a WORLD CHANGER in raising awareness of human trafficking, you have obviously been driven by a sense of purpose and passion in your life. How did you discover your ‘WHY’ and once you found the star you were aiming for, how did you execute your dreams? 

The WHY started with me picking up a book that I could not ignore. This book was called The Road of Lost Innocence by Somaly Mam and detailed her life as a child who had been exploited into the sex industry. After putting that book down I just could not, not do something and it all started with organising one event which I hoped would raise some funds for her ongoing work in Cambodia to help those who have now escaped from this trade. Well that first event raised $80,000 and started me on a path that was unknown and a little scary but I knew if my first event could do that well what would the next one look like?

Some speak of luck. In pursuing your passion do you feel that you have been guided by luck (fate,synchronicity,providence), or was your success as simple as setting a goal and executing?

I think luck does have a small part to do with it – as in you could be at the right place at the right time, but if you don’t recognise those lucky opportunities and don’t grab it or utilise it, then you have lost your chance. I think success comes from being able to recognise when a good opportunity or a situation comes along and turning that into your advantage.

The best ways I have been able to chase luck is whenever I meet or am introduced to someone whom I think is interesting or I can learn from or whom I think would be interested in the work I do, I don’t just leave it – I am always the first one to contact them, invite them out for lunch or coffee and pick their brain – you never know where that will take you.

This ‘Project’ (Confessions of A Supernova) is very much about embracing a purpose greater than our individual identity. Do you feel that your ‘purpose’ in life was something you were born with, or is purpose created by life experience alone?

Created for sure. I mean I was always a good person, but at school or even at university I would have never thought I would be in the position I am today. I think everyone has the power to give back and do something with purpose, but they need to choose that path.

It is the sharing of stories that creates change in the world. What moment in your life, made you passionate about raising awareness of human trafficking?

After you meet a survivor of human trafficking, sexual exploitation or domestic labor – you cannot just do nothing about it. These people have made me so passionate and so determined to not have this issue spread. Yes it is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world, but I am one person that can do something – and as long as I can I will.

You can make one wish upon a STAR to enable world change. What is your wish, and why?

World peace? (Ha Ha) Seriously I would love to not be the CEO of a charity that combats a crime that is so evil. I would wish that a charity like this not even have to exist. I would hope that humans are kinder and more compassionate people. I would wish for that.

We all have someone in our life that has ignited a spark in the soul. Who is that person in your life, and what was the one thing that person told you, or you heard them say that changed your life?

So many people inspire me – but one person that I do love listening to is Anthony Robbins. I love his intense passion and urge to live a life that he absolutely loves. I love his authenticity and his will to want people to be motivated and do more. His ted talk ‘Why we do the things we do’ is a great listen and surely would inspire everyone!

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