December 18



Poor old ‘Mr Boredom’ has a pretty bad name if you ask me. Generally speaking being ‘bored’ is said to be an emotion experienced by those of us lacking zest for life, ambition and direction. After all, how can those who are inspired, motivated, and amazing ever possibly experience the irritating twin brother of dissatisfaction. Lets welcome Mr Boredom to the stage.


I have just spent the last ten minutes (killing my boredom off-course), looking through quotes on Mr B. Ironically, I found these quotes frustrating. As I scrolled through the pages of ‘brainy quote’, I had to ask myself if the people writing these quotes used any brains at all?

Statements such as only uninteresting people get bored, boring people get bored, and there is no excuse for boredom ran across my screen. Does Brainy Quote source aliens to write these quotes, because dare I say every human being has experienced boredom at some point in their life. In the interest of not being boring, and maybe offering a slightly different perspective, I am here to embrace the wonderful Mr Boredom.

Lets face it, no body likes to experience the feelings of being bored, but one must ponder why do we as humans even experience boredom, and does the illusive MR B actually offer us the wisdom to let us know when we are ready to make a new decision, take a chance or ask for something more satisfying in our lives. Does boredom act as a voice for our soul, when our soul is stagnating and hungry for change?

As a society we shun boredom, especially in young people. I don’t know how many times over the years I have heard a teenager complaining of boredom, and we as adults shut them down with one of those quotes I was talking about before.

Wouldn’t it be an interesting conversation, if we instead asked our young people what their boredom was telling them. What if we encouraged them to accept boredom as a feeling or emotion, that can and does lead to change. The trigger or ignition for one to move from dissatisfaction to satisfaction?

In the case of a teenager this empowerment may be simply engaging in a different activity, but nonetheless there is power in accepting boredom as a part of the human condition. Mr B is the messenger of change, and the twin brother of dissatisfaction. This is a voice very worthy of listening to.

If we are honest this ‘Im Bored’ dialogue is not limited to teenagers. Whilst we as adults may not say ‘Im bored’, we will make up a whole list of other words to describe the same feeling. We will leave a relationship because of our partners flaws, we will blame poor leadership for our lack of engagement, and we will even claim a humble vegetable is lacking spice, rather than using the dreaded B word.

After all an ‘inspired’ person, knows the true value and beauty of the humble carrot and would never claim a vegetable to be boring. Well I am here to say, that a carrot is freaking boring, but without the boredom of eating the humble carrot we would have never ever have discovered carrot cake, and carrot cake is awesome.

Today is my day to embrace boredom, because without it I wouldn’t even be writing about this subject, and writing is something that makes me feel more alive than ever!

Whilst society may ask you to suppress your boredom, or even feel guilty about it, there is nothing to be ashamed about when put simply, Mr B is simply your souls way of whispering in your ear, and asking you to MAKE A CHANGE. To ask yourself what could and would shift your perspective from dissatisfaction to satisfaction.

What could boredom tell you about your personal SUPERNOVA?

Keep Shining – Becs xx